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Lopez Farm Cottages & Tent Camping…
what to expect and why

Before we had a family we would go tent camping at the most unique and peaceful location we could drive to. Our excursions were typically 2 to 4 days. After camping we would spend our last night in the best luxury accommodations we could find. We loved it!

It wasn’t always easy finding the right combination. The major drawback was finding good camping. Tent camping was typically located and treated as an afterthought.

LFC&TC is what we were always looking for…peaceful but unique accommodations designed for singles and couples. No RV’s, no children, no electronic music and minimal vehicle noise and headlight intrusion. Our goal is guest serenity. 

Lopez Island…what to expect and why

Don’t be surprised when people wave to you, it’s a long standing tradition. It is one of the reasons Lopez is known as the “friendly island”.  Because the pace is slower on Lopez the residents are typically referred to by other islanders as Slowpezians.

Of all the San Juan Islands, Lopez Island is truly the most unique.  It is like stepping back in the past with all the old farms, hay fields, sheep and cattle pastures and open views to the surrounding waters and snow capped mountains. 

Lopez Island is also recognized as the “bicycling island” because of its gentle terrain with no major hills. The annual Tour de Lopez event is held on the last weekend in April and is so popular that Washington State runs a special ferry to accommodate all the bicyclists. Village Cycles will drop off and pick up bicycles at the ferry landing or at Lopez Farm Cottages. They also offer bicycling tours. Contact Michael & Heidi at www.VillageCycles.net for details.


Wine tastings are back at Lopez Island Vineyards just across from us. Saturdays April - November and Wednesdays and Saturdays June - August. Check their website for hours.


Kayaking: Enjoy a Lopez Island Kayak Tour with Outdoor Adventure Center from Spencer Spit.


Check out all the Farm to Market establishments and the Farmers Market in the Village.


Horse Drawn Farm - 2823 Port Stanley Road
Offers an impressive variety of seasonal vegetables, fruits, meats (frozen) and flowers. Everything they sell is absolutely first rate. Lopez Farm Cottage’s small flock is actually part of HDF. They work on the honor system. Pay by cash.  They plow their fields using non-fossil-fuel-powered farming methods -- teams of actual plow horses -- you feel genuinely happy purchasing and consuming their food. They're part of what makes Lopez Island a wonderful place to visit. Open every day 24/7.

You can also enjoy a 3-hour Whale Watching trip from Lopez with Outer Island Excursions.

Even on Lopez Island location is critical.  We are at the north end of the Island, 2.6 miles from the ferry landing, directly across from the Lopez Winery & Vineyards and less than one mile to Lopez Village where you will find excellent restaurants, the Village Market and Blossom Natural Foods both with fresh everything, Holly B’s famous Bakery, coffee shops and more.

Waiting for the ferry in Anacortes? 
There is a great beach, boardwalk and pathway along the shoreline east of the parking lot.  It goes for quite a ways so just make sure you don't get too far out that you can't make it back to your car in time to board the ferry.

Waiting for the ferry on Lopez? Just before the ferry landing, Penny Lane leads to good walking trails to explore through the woods with water views.

Driver for Hire - see www.lopezislandtaxiandtours.com

is available at our Cottages and Campsites. The password is "goodtimes".



E-mail: lopezfarmcottages@gmail.com
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